Card Set Installation

Card Sets are a great way to extend and customize (see Card Set Editor) Cars by Joe Pitt.

Cards comes with the Official UK and US Card Sets preinstalled.

Note: Only the machine hosting the game needs to have the used Card Set(s) installed.

Once you've installed Cards by Joe Pitt the installation of additional Card Sets is easy to do.

  1. Download the card set,
    1. If the card set is inside a zip archive, Right click the archive, click Extract All..., make sure Show Extracted Files When Complete is ticked and click Extract.
  2. Double Click on the Card Set file (.cardset extension with the Black Card and two White Cards icon),
  3. Depending on if you already have a version of the Card Set (or a Card Set with a conflicting Unique ID (Unlikely)) installed will depend on the exact wording of the confirmation box you see, so review the message presented to you and either
    1. Click Yes, to install the Card Set, or,
    2. Click No , to cancel the installation of the Card Set.
  4. Cards by Joe Pitt will install the Card Set and open as normal,
  5. To install additional Card Sets close Cards by Joe Pitt and repeat this process.

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