Voting for the Best Answer

Once everyone has played their cards, it is time for all human players to vote for the best answer, Bots cannot vote.

To vote for the best answer:

  1. Review the submitted answers, you cannot see who submitted which answers,
    1. You can either use the Drop Down Menu or with the Drop Down selected the arrow keys to scroll through the answers,
  2. Select your favourite answer, only choose your's if it really is the best!!!
  3. Click Vote
  4. For Local games you'll be prompted to pass the device to the next player, for network games you'll be taken to a waiting screen until everyone has submitted their votes.
  5. Once everyone has voted, you will be told the best answer, or if more than one answer got the same number of votes, the winning answers, you'll also now be able to see who submitted them,
  6. Each winning answer will win the player who submitted it 1 point.

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