Local Game

A local game is where one or more human players and zero or more computer players (bots) play using a single device.

To Setup a local game:

  1. Launch Cards,
  2. Ensure you are on the Local tab (as shown above),
  3. Tick the Card Set or Card Sets you'd like to play with,
  4. Set the number of rounds to play, between 1 and 100, Default 10,
  5. Select the number of cards per player, between 2 and 20, Default 10,
  6. "Never have I" and "Rebooting the Universe" will be added in a future version, so cannot be enabled yet,
  7. Add all players, including bots,

    1. Cards will try to find your user accounts Display Name and populate this as the first user, if you don't like what it found click on it and click Remove,
    2. To add human players type their name in the box provided and click Add,
    3. To add a computer player (or bot) type bot in square brackets followed by a name and click Add, e.g.

    [Bot] Harry

  8. Once you are happy with your settings click Start Local Game,

  9. The first time you play cards you may get a Windows Security Alert, select both private networks and public networks tick boxes and click Allow access, otherwise Cards will not work,

  1. You'll be prompted to pass the device to the first player, do this, then they should click Ok.

The first player is now ready to choose the card(s) they want to play.

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