Network Game (Host)

A Network Game is where 2 or more human players and 0 or more computer players (bots) play using their own devices (bots "play" on the host's computer. Each Network Game must have a host, who sets up the game, other players join the hosted game.

To set up a Network Game as the host:

  1. Launch Cards,
  2. Go to the Host tab on the setup screen,
  3. Tick the Card Set or Card Sets you'd like to play with,
    1. Set the number of rounds to play, between 1 and 100, Default 10,
    2. Set the number of cards per player, between 2 and 20, Default 10,
  4. "Never have I" and "Rebooting the Universe" will be added in a future version, so cannot be enabled yet,
  5. Cards will try to find your user accounts Display Name and populate this as Your Name, if you don't like what it found, simply change this to what you like,
  6. Set the number of players that will be joining, note: the number of players must join before the game will progress,
  7. Set the number of bots you'd like to also play, you cannot name these, they will be sequentially numbered instead,
  8. Once you are happy with your settings, click Start Hosting Game,
  9. The first time you play cards you may get a Windows Security Alert, select both Private networks and Public networks tick boxes and click Allow access, otherwise Cards will not work,
  10. Cards will pop up with the details of both Internet and Internal IP addresses and ports that can be used by other players to connect, Cards supports both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses and will list all available addresses,
    1. Cards will try to automatically configure your router, using a technology called UPnP, to allow you to play with players over the internet,
      1. If this succeeds then the IP Address and Port will have "(Internet)" after them,
      2. if this fails then the IP Address and Port will have "(Internet - Manual Forward Required!)" after it - to use this IP and Port combination over the internet you'll have to manually configure a Port Forward on your Router (Note: has a number of useful guides for doing with with a wide range of routers),
      3. If want to play over the internet the host will need one or more Internet IP and Port combination to be correctly forwarded,
  11. Distribute the IP Address and Port combination(s) you want to use to your fellow players, the IP Address is the section before the last colon and the Port is the number afterwards,
    1. IPv4 Example:
      Port: 60069
    2. IPv6 Example: ca7d:ca7d::1a2b:60069
      IP: ca7d:ca7d::1a2b
      Port: 60069
  12. Once all players have the IP and Port, click Ok,
  13. You will be taken to a waiting screen until all players have joined
  14. Once all players have joined, you'll be able to choose your card(s) for the first round.

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