Choosing Which Cards to Play

The aim of Cards is to play the funniest, worse, most socially unacceptable White Card(s) to go with the Black Card.

Most Black Cards only need one White Card to answer them, however, some need two, Cards will only allow you to slect the correct number of cards.

Some cards will have one or more blanks in them, your answer(s) will be filled into these blanks, otherwise, you're answer(s) will be added to the end of the Black Card to form your answer.

To choose your answer:

  1. Read the Black Card,
  2. Look through your White Cards to find the best Card or Cards to play,
    1. You can use the Drop Down button next to your White Card to see all cards at once, or,
    2. With the Drop Down selected using the arrow keys to scroll through them,
  3. Click Submit,
  4. Review your answer,
    1. If you are happy with it, Click Yes,
    2. If you want to change it, Click No and make changes,
  5. For Local games you'll be prompted to pass the device to the next player, for network games you'll be taken to a waiting screen until everyone has submitted their answers.
  6. Once everyone has submitted their answers, it's time to Vote for the best answer.


From the Choose your card(s) screen you can open and close the Leaderboard, to see who is winning, and by how many points. Simply click the Show/Hide Leaderboard button

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